Beijing Xianfeng Foundation initiated by K2VC was registered with the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau in December 2015 and awarded the Beijing AAAA-level social organization in 2019. In 2022, it was renamed as Beijing Xianfeng Changtian Foundation.

The lack of long-term support for the NGOs reduces the effectiveness and efficiency of systematically solving social problems. The Foundation pays close attention to this issue, selects the high potential organizations that addressing key issues and provides them with long-term unrestricted funding to help them realize their full potential. As of 2022, the Foundation has supported over 80 organizations and invested more than RMB 40 million.

Our Values

  • Public Value

  • Theory of Change

  • Sustainable Teams


  • Commencement of long-term funding plan
  • Re-election of the Council 
  • Awarded as Beijing AAAA-level social organization
  • Established a mobile party branch
  • Hold the 2nd Xianfeng Action Competition
  • Held the 1st Xianfeng Action Competition
  • Registered with Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau;
  • Established the 1st council;
  • Established the Ai You-Xianfeng Fund with AI You Foundation


2021 to present
3.0|Provide long-term unrestricted funding for the most potential NGOs.

(no particular order)

2.0|Organize Xianfeng Action Competition, providing a total of RMB 10 million funding for winning organizations in each competition.

(no particular order)

1.0|Quickly established presence through collaboration, provided funding in rural education and autism care as a pilot.

Xianfeng Box

We realizes that social problems cannot be solved by a single organization. In 2021, the Foundation kicked off a new service line called Xianfeng Box to stimulate the communication and cooperation between organizations. Xianfeng Box will provide a series of trainings and courses for NGOs, and hold discussions, events and field trips between different stakeholders. Furthermore, the Foundation is committed to establishing the understanding and interaction between NGOs and the outside world. It aims to become a platform for "Going beyond the organization to see the sector, beyond the sector to see the industry, and beyond the industry to see the society".


Support Disaster Relief Operations

the Foundation promptly supported disaster relief operations on the ground

  • 2022
  • 2021
  • 2020
  • During COVID Epidemic

    Funded organizations that provide social services to vulnerable groups during epidemic
    in the cities of Changchun, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Kunming

  • During the Henan Flood

    support post-disaster reconstruction and disaster prevention training

  • During COVID Epidemic

    supported disease prevention and Testing Material.


X-LAB for Better

Continue to focus on organizations or companies that respond to social problems as non-traditional charity entities or through non-traditional methods


Traditionow is a social enterprise that dedicated to explore the sustainable conservation and development of China's intangible cultural heritage. It was previously a not-for-profit project called "Xihan Action"

We have studied 9 social enterprises in various fields

  • Sustainable energy and community

  • Social integration of the disabled

  • Civic education

  • Professional education

  • Data-enabled Poverty Reduction

  • Others

Council Member

  • REN Xiaochun

    Director of the Council
  • LI Hai

    Deputy Director of the Council
  • WANG Zhiyun

    Council Member
  • XIONG Jian

    Council Member
  • LI Danning

  • LI Zhiyan



  • LI Danning


    Strategy Implementation and Management

  • LEI Jing

    Project Director

    Xianfeng Box

  • LIU Chennan

    Grants Manager

    Focus in the fields of education, public health & vulnerables

  • LIU Yiwei

    Grants Manager

    Focus in the fields of environment, gender & community enabling