K2 Angel Partners was established in 2010, focusing on Angel investment in New Energy, Techonology Innovation, Advanced Manufactoring, Industrial Digitalization and New economy etc.


Battery Cloud: A provider of digital energy storage solutions for vertical industries. By building a new energy Internet infrastructure based on digital energy storage systems, it will empower the innovative "energy storage as a service" business model.


Mango Power: Smart energy brand for the entire house and all user scenarios


CarbonX Technology (Tan Shi Ke Ji): An industry-leading research and development company for carbon materials, focusing on sodium-ion hard carbon and high-performance conductive agent products.

KINANO (Zhong Yuan Na Neng): The first battery interface efficiency enhancement technology, which reduces the mass transfer energy barrier and improves battery efficiency.

AmaZinc: An extremely safe, environmentally friendly and low-cost water-based battery technology company.

Renshine Solar: An industry-leading research and development company of new perovskite solar cells.


Kowoke: core diaphragm material for hydrogen production by alkaline electrolysis of water

Zha Wa Yun: The technology provider and operator of the complete virtual power plant industrial chain, reshape the relationship between people and green energy, and promote the sustainable development of the whole society.


Tong Wei New Energy: R&D and production provider of solid oxide fuel cells and related hydrogen production technologies.

Su Yu Ke Ji: Hydrogen fuel cell power pack solution provider.


Li Gu New Energy: specializes in the technology development and sales of hydrogen production, hydrogen storage and transportation based on catalytic technology. Committed to providing large-scale and long-term trunkline transportation, mobile production, resource utilization and other services in the field of hydrogen energy.

Chen Man Ke Ji: The domestic leading commercial energy management platform that provides convenient fee collection, energy consumption monitoring, intelligent power saving and other services for customers in the commercial electricity environment.

Clean Tech

TiYi Technology: Focus on the research and development of high-end shape memory alloy (SMA) materials and applications

Cai Hui Technology: an AI-driven one-stop platform for new material research and development

Qing Hao Pu Zhong: China's first resin-infiltrated ceramic-based dental restorative material

Shanghai Xinchuan is committed to the development and production of artificial materials with the ultimate cost performance, making the best use of resources


Orien Space: A Launch vehicle Design and Manufacturing Company. Develop "Gravity" series rockets to provide low-cost, large-scale, efficient and fast space transportation services.


Dbaspace: a commercial aerospace company that develops and produces reusable rockets, focusing on the direction of liquid recovery and reusable launch vehicles.


Spacety: China's leading SAR satellite operator. Take the lead in realizing the mass production, network and on-orbit commercial operation of domestic commercial SAR satellites. Contribute to the construction of global emergency and security systems


Wei Yuan He Cheng: A bio-manufacturing company based on synthetic biotechnology, dedicated to the production of various compounds in a low-carbon, energy-efficient and sustainable manner.

Rou Mai Medical: a technology-leading R&D company for regenerative medicine products.

Technology Innovation

Cornerstone: A leader in the field of innovative surgical robots in China, it is committed to building a safe and efficient surgical robot platform, increasing the penetration rate of high-end medical services in China and around the world, and allowing more doctors and patients to benefit from high-end medical devices.

Webuild: Committed to empowering the construction industry through robots, IoT and AI algorithms, and accelerating the all-round upgrade of the construction industry through intelligent products.


He Mu Qian Xing: Focus on automation and digitalization to create a new generation of life science laboratories.


COCTRL (Xin Kong Zhi Neng): Generate a production line layout plan with one-click using AI algorithms, provide modular robots to quickly build and implement production lines, and use edge computing to truly realize a digital twin.

T-AMR technology:Help customer to enhance productivity in warehouse and supply chain field with revolutionary

Youde Digital Indigence: An innovative technology company integrating the design, R&D, application and service of intelligent metallurgical robots.

Separation Technology (Sai Pu Rui Sheng): focus on high-end filtration, separation and purification technology

Li Fei Er: Industrial Machine Vision System.


Ao Sha Zhi Neng: A robotic technology company for exoskeleton technology platform.


Committed to intelligent equipment and technology for laser welding of medium and thick metal materials


PingCAP: Focuses on the R&D of a new distributed database TiDB, and is committed to the innovation of cutting-edge technologies.


Qi Cha Cha: A domestic enterprise credit information platform. As a leading commercial big data service provider, it provides one-stop corporate background check services, relying on AI, big data mining, visual analysis and other technologies.


Zhao Gang: Founded in 2012, a leading industrial technology service platform in China. The Group uses the largest industry sector - steel as the entry point, and builds a technology service system for industrial and construction sectors


J&T Express: a global integrated logistics service operator, committed to providing full-scenario logistics solutions through intelligent infrastructure and digital logistics network, so as to efficiently connect the world and benefit logistics worldwide.


eKuaiBao: Take the lead in streamline the whole process of expense control and reimbursement, bringing level 4 reimbursement-free solutions to enterprises.


AiBee: An AI unicorn company focusing on the digitalization and intelligent upgrade of offline spaces. Based on the world's leading AI technology, it has realized the two pillars of "smart business + smart transportation", and has established leading position in multiple verticals.


Matrix Origin: Committed to becoming an industry-leading data-based software company, helping enterprises and users embrace the value of data in a simple, agile and efficient manner.


Zhuo Zhu Hui: Provide basic architectural design tools with generational advantages, and promote the comprehensive upgrades of industry information transmission standards.

She Xu Ke Ji: An AI-driven industrial design software R&D technology company


VisualDynamics: The leader of industrial-grade Photovoltaic SaaS Integration service.


Shen Bian Yun: China's leading enterprise shared services technology provider.


Da Le Zhuang: One-stop solution platform for prefabricated buildings. Pioneering the pricing model of finished products in the industry, it is the only industrial Internet platform in this vertical.

Industrial Upgrade

Lexin: Founded in 2013, Lexin is a leading new consumer digital technology service provider. Serving nearly 200 million of the most active mainstream consumers in China, with an annual transaction volume of more than 200 billion RMB.


Liang Zi Zhi Ge: Committed to improving National Literacy, providing users with lifelong learning content covering many fields. It includes multiple knowledge sharing platforms such as Qiniu School, Qianchi School, and Jiang Zhen.


Tuan Che: Founded in 2010, Tuan Che is a leading car trading and services platform in China


Tiger Securities: Founded in 2014, it is a fast-growing global Internet brokerage group. It improves investment efficiency through financial technology innovation and helps users in dozens of countries to easily connect to the global capital market.


Song Guo Chu Xing: A transportation technology company based on the Industrial Internet.


Yi Mai Che: The pioneer of a new generation of car supermarkets in China, and a leading Integrated car service platform in China.


Data Intelink: An integrated brand operation company that drives sales by effective marketing. It is committed to helping domestic and foreign brands achieve brand growth in the Chinese market.


Moji: Founded in 2010, Moji is a global weather service platform with the mission of "Connecting weather and life with technology".


Jingling Group: The leading private domain  SaaS platform. Provide KOC and brand owners with integrated SaaS solutions such as technical support, supply chain, operation and after-sales services.


Wan Wu De Zhi: It covers the two platforms of Wan Wu De Zhi App and Wan Wu Tian Xia MCN. Wan Wu De Zhi App is a professional trading platform for collectibles in China, and Wan Wu Tian Xia MCN is the first professional MCN service organization in the field of culture and art collectibles in China.


Dong Qiu Di: The largest football information aggregation platform and fan community in China.


Shi Lv Technology: An Tourism Industry Internet company adhering to the vision of "Becoming a bridge for millions of Chinese going to the world". It is committed to create a new generation of technology-driven vacation product solutions for the Z generation


Mobisummer: An international enterprise service company based on big data and business intelligence.


Xun Hui Ke Ji: Founded in 2016, Xun Hui is committed to providing safe and efficient digital global payment and treasury management solutions for corporate customers around the world. Currently, it can support enterprises to carry out business operations in more than 130 countries.


Fordeal: A leading cross-border all-category e-commerce platform, covering the Middle East, Europe, US and other countries and regions, providing global consumers with a high-quality shopping experience.


TRIPALINK: A technology-driven overseas long-term rental apartment brand, its products include Co-living shared apartments, standard entry lux and high-end apartments. It has provided high-quality modern living experience for students and white-collar groups in more than ten cities in North America.


Outer: An innovative technology-driven outdoor home lifestyle brand.


StarPony is a global creative cultural brand. Starting from toys, it brings users a more novel and pleasant experience; with IP as the vision, happiness is more than just toys

Zhi Cheng Dong Li: Automated cleaning solutions for courtyards.

Yi Tuo Technology: The world's first LCD projector brand with genuine Android TV authorization. It is committed to building a global smart home brand, enabling smart projector to lead the exploration of the boundless entertainment experience.


Mi Rui Technology: Mi Rui Technology is committed to providing global consumers with a simpler and easier-to-use smart home life.


Vesta Sleep: Founded in North America, Vesta is committed to designing and manufacturing "environmentally friendly, innovative and fun household essentials" for consumers around the world to create a more comfortable home space.


SlowBrew: A DTC skin care brand focusing on the US market with "Kampo and smooth wrinkles" as its product highlights

Create the products we love with the world's best designers, craftsmen and enthusiasts.


Full of Hope Hope: a professional formaldehyde removal brand founded in 2019, searches for the essence of plants from nature, purifies indoor formaldehyde in a safe, harmless and green way, and protects the hope of every family.


Chao Hui Mai: the discount warehouses stores with selection of global brands, the real "consumer wholesale", the ultimate price-for-value warehouse-style discount supermarket!


Ma Ji Yong: The representative chain store brand of Lanzhou beef noodles in China. Focus on the [Lanzhou Beef Noodles] category and match it with Northwestern snacks to create a clean, bright and comfortable consumption scenario with cultural heritage.


Ba Man: Baman Rice Noodles, the leader of rice deep processing and digitalized industry chain. It has built up thousands of acres of dedicated green rice planting base, a 50,000-ton rice noodle smart manufacturing factory, and established a consumer brand through the F2C model, the combination of online retail and offline catering.


Yun Ding: A leading smart door locks brand in China. Founded in 2014, it provides residential security solutions for global users, with a focus on smart locks.


Qi Nian Wu Ji: A leading new generation of healthy bakery focusing on whole-wheat bread.


Niu Da Ji: A community retail brand of beef and beef products, committed to the goal of "Eating beef every day makes  the Chinese stronger".


Bi You Hui Xiang: Committed to building the largest domestic trading and social platform for trendy hobbies. Establish a model of e-commerce + knowledge platform + community in various vertical fields around trendy toys and ACGN, etc.


HitGoo: A new generation of innovative brand discount store

Jia Ji Quan is the world's first mineral water machine brand. The water quality meets the new national standard, making tea and rice more fragrant and enjoyable.

UNOMI: A technology-driven nutrition brand. We start from the laboratory and leverage cutting-edge biotechnology to provide scientific, rational, convenient and pleasant nutritional experience for the new generation of consumers.

Plum: A circular fashion lifestyle e-commerce platform



  • CHEN Keyi

    Founding Partner
    Before founding K2VC, Keyi was a principal at Ceyuan Venture. During his study at Peking University, Keyi was the President of the Mountaineering Association and scaled six mountains, including Mt. Everest and Mt. Cho Oyu.
  • ZHAO Yang

    Managing Partner
    Yang leads K2 Angel Fund investment and management, with many years of experience in early-stage investment. Before joining K2VC, Yang was a product manager at Baidu. He holds a M.S. in Software Engineering from Peking University.